what do professional carpet cleaners use for pet urine

What Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Use for Pet Urine: 2 Solutions

Pet accidents can leave behind stubborn stains and unpleasant odors, requiring specialized treatment. Professional carpet cleaners are well-equipped with a range of effective methods and solutions to tackle the challenge of pet urine. But how will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors from the carpet?

These professionals employ techniques, including advanced cleaning products and cutting-edge equipment, to effectively eliminate pet urine from carpets. Most professionals use all-natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar for deodorizing pet urine and removing tough stains.

Today we will discuss what carpet cleaners use for cleaning pet urine and how they do that. You can continue reading to discover everything you need to know about cleaning your carpet.

What Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Use for Pet Urine: Two Effective Treatments

Professional Carpet Cleaners Use for Pet Urine

Pet urine stains can be difficult to remove, especially if left to set or if the problem has been ongoing. Depending on the stain and odor, professionals may require multiple treatments.

Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners

Professional carpet cleaners mostly rely on bio-enzymatic cleaners specifically designed to break down stain-causing proteins in pet urine, effectively removing stubborn feces stains and eliminating odor. These cleaners can thoroughly clean and sanitize carpets contaminated with pet urine.

Enzymatic cleaner oxidizers are made with natural ingredients and work by breaking down the proteins found in pet urine and feces. The enzymes in these cleaners target the organic molecules that cause stains and odors, breaking them down into smaller compounds that can be easily removed from the carpet fibers.

Hot Water Extraction Machines

In addition to enzymatic cleaners, professional carpet cleaners may also use hot water extraction machines. This method involves injecting hot water and cleaning agents into the carpet fibers, dislodging dirt and debris trapped deep within.

This cleaning process ensures that the visible stains are removed and any lingering odors are effectively eliminated.

How Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Get Pet Urine Out of Carpets?

How Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Get Pet Urine Out of Carpets

In the process of getting pet urine out of carpets, professional carpet cleaners follow a series of meticulous steps.

Step 1. Inspection and Evaluation

An essential initial step in the carpet cleaning process involves a thorough inspection and evaluation to identify all traces of pet urine stains and assess the level of odor severity.

Professional carpet cleaners have the expertise and experience to locate even invisible stains that may not be visible to the naked eye. They utilize their knowledge to meticulously examine the entire carpet, ensuring every area is noticed.

Through their meticulous analysis, these professionals lay a solid foundation for effectively addressing pet urine-related issues in carpets.

Step 2. Pretreatment of the Affected Area

To effectively treat urine stains and eliminate odor in carpets, a specialized pre-treatment solution is applied after thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming the affected area.

The pre-treatment solution used by professional carpet cleaners is specifically designed to break down and neutralize the urine crystals that cause the unpleasant odor associated with pet accidents.

These solutions often contain enzymes or bacteria cultures that target and digest organic matter, such as urine. Also, they may include surfactants to help lift and suspend stains for easier removal during subsequent cleaning steps.

Step 3. Steam Cleaning the Area

The third step in carpet cleaning involves utilizing a powerful vacuum to extract hot water and cleaning solution, effectively breaking down and eliminating urine crystals and odor from the carpet fibers and backing.

In this step, they thoroughly remove any traces of pet urine from the carpet. The hot water extraction method, known as steam cleaning, is highly effective in penetrating deep into the carpet fibers, loosening dirt, grime, and urine residue.

Step 4. Enzymatic Treatment

After thoroughly steam cleaning the area affected by pet urine, the next step is applying an enzymatic treatment. This specialized solution contains natural enzymes that target and break down any remaining urine crystals, eliminating the stain and odor.

The enzymes work by chemically altering the structure of the organic compounds present in pet urine, rendering them inert.

Step 5. Deodorizing and Deep Cleaning

After completing the enzymatic treatment, professional carpet cleaners use specialized deodorizing products to neutralize pet urine odors effectively. These products are carefully selected based on their enzymatic properties, which help break down the organic compounds responsible for the foul smell.

The deodorizing process typically entails applying the product to the affected area and allowing it to dwell for a specified period. This allows sufficient time for the enzymes to react with and neutralize the odor-causing molecules, thoroughly eliminating any lingering smells.

Can professional carpet cleaners get out pet urine?

Can professional carpet cleaners get out pet urine

Expert carpet cleaners employ advanced techniques and powerful products to effectively eradicate pet urine, ensuring that all traces of odor and stains are meticulously eliminated.

Regarding pet urine, professionals use specialized cleaning solutions designed to break down the chemical compounds responsible for the unpleasant smell. These solutions contain enzymes that target and neutralize the urine molecules, eliminating lingering odors.

What is the best carpet cleaning method for dog urine?

Professional carpet cleaners have extensive experience and knowledge dealing with pet urine stains. When removing dog urine from carpets, one highly effective approach is using a cleaning solution consisting of equal parts water and white vinegar.

This mixture is applied generously to the affected area and left to sit for approximately 5 minutes, ensuring deep penetration into the fibers beneath the surface.

By meticulously scrubbing the area, professional cleaners ensure that any remnants of pet urine are thoroughly eliminated. This method tackles the odor and removes any potential staining caused by the urine.

What neutralizes the ammonia smell from dog urine?

To effectively eliminate the strong ammonia smell from a dog’s urine, employ a method that can neutralize the odor-causing compounds and restore freshness to the affected area.

One effective solution is to use vinegar, which helps break down the ammonia and neutralize its odor. Vinegar’s acidic properties aid in dissolving alkaline urine salts and preventing further odor formation.

Also, baking soda can be used alongside vinegar to enhance its deodorizing impact. Baking soda is an absorbent, absorbing unpleasant odors and helping neutralize them.

Does hydrogen peroxide break down urine?

Does hydrogen peroxide break down urine

Hydrogen peroxide’s oxidizing properties facilitate the breakdown of urine, removing odor-causing compounds and leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

When applied to dog urine stains on carpets or other surfaces, hydrogen peroxide is an effective cleaning agent due to its ability to break down the chemical structure of urine molecules.

The enzyme catalase in hydrogen peroxide decomposes the urea found in urine into water and oxygen, eliminating the ammonia smell associated with pet urine. Also, hydrogen peroxide’s antibacterial properties help kill any bacteria in the urine, reducing the risk of further odors or staining.

Remove Pet Urine Stains and Odors by Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

Professional carpet cleaners employ various methods to address the issue of pet urine on carpets. They utilize specialized cleaning solutions to break down and remove urine stains and odors. These solutions typically contain enzymes or bacteria that effectively neutralize the ammonia smell from dog urine.

Also, some professionals may use hydrogen peroxide, which effectively breaks down urine compounds. Overall, professional carpet cleaners have the knowledge and experience to tackle pet urine problems with meticulous attention to detail efficiently.

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